Being chased by 247MoneyBox do not pay them read this

If you can’t pay 247MoneyBox and now they are chasing you, it is time to beat them at their own game. Middle of the month, overdraft maxed out, bills, food and train ticket needed and no cash. Quick payday loan for £200, miss a few payments and before you know it, they are calling your work and texting all hours as your loan is now £1000. Welcome to legal loan sharks


Do not pay back 247MoneyBox

Now to apply for a payday loan, you would have had to have provided your debit card details for them, so they can collect payments from you. So the first thing is to cancel it. They will ignore any letters/emails/calls from you saying you cant pay, as they have your details and using a pos machine, will debit your card anyway. So you think £20 is being debited and when you check your account online, you realise that the entire amount has gone, leaving you no money in your account. You cancel them by contacting the fraud team at your bank ,as only they can completely lock down your card (say it has been stolen and someone has your pin number). Now, they can no longer debit your account. Request a new card with new details, so you can access your cash, remember to reactivate any direct debits for essentials such as mobiles so they still work etc


Illegal tactic 247MoneyBox use against you and your credit file

I discovered this completely by accident and a lot of companies adopt this illegal tactic, from debt collectors to payday loan companies. They threaten to put a default on your file, so for the next 6 years, no more credit. However, they are sending to companies like Experian, your details far earlier than they should and putting negative marks on your file. So Experian shows a missed payment or default on your file before legally allowed, a scandalous move on their part. So try this tactic now and I guarantee you will see your credit score improve immediately, also meaning you can get credit again. I looked for a smaller credit agency, that most importantly, allows you to dispute any/every negative listing against your file online, simply by clicking against the entry, unsurprisingly, I found none of the big UK companies allow this, I assume as their revenue stream would be affected. You need the online method of disputing, otherwise you are spending weeks collecting statements, contacting creditors, sending recorded delivery letters from the Post Office copies to every UK credit agency, in short, a nightmare. If you see any defaults on your file when you go online, click dispute on all of them and it will lodge with every agency in the UK. I disputed everything from payday loans, to debt collectors and had 80% of them removed, all unfairly lodged by the company. I could only find one UK company that provides/allows you to dispute online, but it takes minutes to click all the false entries on your credit report. Opt for the 14 day trial which only costs £1, dispute everything on your file, then cancel the trial once finished, job done. Credit score improved/defaults removed for 5mins work and the price of a sausage roll. The one I used was this one


Write to 247MoneyBox now ,saying that you have been selected for redundancy at work, as the company is failing and as a result, you wont be able to make the payment date and wish to go on reduced payments. They will write back and suggest a payment arrangement. You have a choice now, either to suggest any amount that you are happy to pay, or simply ignore them. They will try and call you and text you, one tactic is to call you at work, so first of all send them a letter saying they are in breach of the administration of Justice Act 1970, and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, that will put a stop to that.


Quickest tactic to get rid of them for good today
If you are being chased by debt collectors or have debt in debt with banks/payday loan companies, then you need to stop all the threats/charges/interest now. If a get out of debt button is all your after, then there is a company that I have thoroughly vetted that can do this for you. I used them when I was in trouble and it also protects you from court action/bailiffs, whilst never having to talk to any creditor again. They contact them on your behalf and stop everything, informing you by email all the way. They hate these companies and their bullying tactics as much as me, any way check them out here