I fell into £42k of debt after both my parents died

My parents both died before I was 18, which left me broken. I had to leave the family home and moved into a flat on my own.

It didn’t take long for the overdue bills to hit the doormat and I never opened them, which just made things worse.

That’s when my debt really started. I owed a few thousand and was managing repayments and chipping away at them, but never really got rid of them properly.

After I got married and had two children, debt began to take over again. I’d always had a credit card on the go but it was manageable. As general family finances got strained, I took out another card or an account with a catalogue, which allowed me to ‘buy now, pay later’.

We paid back the minimum amounts each month, not leaving much else left over and we had nothing spare for if something went wrong – and that’s precisely what happened.

The threatening letters turned into ones from debt collection agencies, then there were bailiff and county court judgement (CCJ) letters.

If you are being chased by Debt Collectors, try this

If they are calling your mobile, sending letters, contacting your work, their new tactic is tracing you on social media and messaging friends/family to embarrass you into paying. So beat them at their own game, I’ll share with you a company I used when in debt, that hates these companies as much as me, but more importantly can get rid of this debt for you before the end of the month. Check them out here

Don’t let these bullies get you down when in debt, understand there are plenty of methods to beat them.